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In an effort to get with the times and at request of so many of our architects and designers, Red Textas have made the leap into the digital age with the introduction of 100% electronic building permits.

Amazingly, our surveyors and inspectors have been able to pick themselves off the floor after a 2 month introduction and have been able to adapt to this exciting process, which is good for our environment and provides for a much more efficient and effective operation.

Inside the business, we have added extra trained administration staff and the facilities that have allowed us to keep pace and maintain our fast turnaround time. So far, this has been without loss to the quality and control of our reporting and administration arms. From the clients’ point of view, we have already obtained a tick of approval for the ease of making a building permit application, supplying additional information and organising a permit variation.

Today, new applications and relevant information are being presented with a click of a button and without printing and making any duplications. Council reporting is also more efficient and accurate, whilst inspecting of work is slowly changing from the use of weathered plans to our computer tablets, with every bit of information available on site. We have already noticed that builders are organised enough to ensure plans are available on site, arranging hard copy of the relevant approved plans where necessary.

Another advantage is that our building permits , stamped permit plans, reports,  certificates  and general archives will be easily available to our clients in the future.

Going green has made us a bit red faced (for not doing it sooner) ..… but don’t think we are about to change our name.

We hope you use us for your next building permit.

All applications can now be made via email to admin@redtextas.com.au.