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The building permit will often include some of the following reports and work tasks that are provided to facilitate the building permit.


These are usually identified at the time of fee proposal and are factored into our fees:

building permits are our specialty(a) Partial compliance Reg. 233 report (including energy efficiency or bushfire construction).

(b) Alternative solution reports – where appropriate.

(c) Reg. 116 (public protection statement)

(d) Reg 64 (combined allotment statement)

(e) Reg 121 (acceptance of fire engineering alternative solution design)

(f) Section 87 protection work determination. Including assistance to clients with preparation of protection work notices.

(g) Section 10 determination (for building designs that pre-date the Building Regulations), and/ or

(h) Part 4 siting compliance analysis statement.

(i) Pre permit site inspection reports to establish existing site conditions and referral to relevant building consultants (i.e., structural engineer, soils engineer and/or arborist).

(j) Assisting owner builder clients with Building Commission certificate of consent.

(k) Design meetings with the architect.

(l) Pick up building permit applications from locally based architect.

Advising commercial clients on potential cost savings at the design stage, using appropriate building techniques and materials, is part of the service usually done in conjunction with our recommended consultant fire safety engineer.




We are experienced in offering the following additional ‘consulting’ services which can be negotiated at a separate fee:

(a) Section 137b Building Inspection reports.

(b) Preparation of application for a Determination (modification) and appeals to the Building Appeals Board.

(c) Preparation of applications to Council for consent and report under Part 4 (siting) of the Regulations.

(d) Preparing applications, reports and attending design meetings with the BAB, CFA, MFB and/ or Council.

(e) Attending pre- design meetings to advise BCA requirements.

(f) Liase with fire engineer for quotes and likely scenario’s for advance notice to architect/ client.

our experience

Approximately 20-30% of our business is represented by commercial and industrial buildings. As building surveyors we are very familiar with Volume One of the BCA (class 2-9) and can be a great asset to the design team and builder.

Our company has a long and successful history with several of the local building companies issuing building permits for the following:

Multi storey shop and office buildings, mixed use buildings with residential components, warehouse and factory buildings, apartment condominiums, residential hostels, nursing homes and community buildings.

Commercial projects often require referral to the fire engineer or in-house alternative solutions to be prepared, especially for those buildings undergoing a change of use- Regulations 233 and 229.

Advising commercial clients on potential cost savings at the design stage using appropriate building techniques and materials is part of the service usually done in conjunction with our recommended consultant fire safety engineer.

Building Surveying fees are determined by the cost and scope of building works, professional responsibilities, site location and our required functions – as specified in the Building Regulations.

We provide fee proposals with an ‘all up cost’ including gov’t levies and council fees.

The best way to obtain a ‘fee’ is to send a copy of plans and specifications via email. ideally include an estimated cost of work or the builder’s contract amount. Generally, building permit fees are a one off payment paid upon issue of the building permit. No further charges will be sought unless the building permit is modified (ie: works variation) or additional building inspections are carried out.